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Top E-Security News:
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> Focus: Developer unleashes Palm Trojan horse program
> Safe passage for corporate e-mail
> Palm gets first Trojan horse
> M'soft VP: Stealing bits is stealing

In Network & System:
> Windows 2000 in Mainframeland
> Start-up raises bar on Net QoS
> Security flaw in PGP software
> Sigaba simplifies encryption
> Federal agencies face security grading

In Privacy:
> TRUSTe learns a privacy lesson the hard way
> TrustE accused of breaking own privacy rule
> Glitch found in MSN Instant Messenger
> RSA upgrading its Keon PKI security software
> GSA studies smart card value


Net-fraud complaints are largely over auctions
(Source: IDG.net) Complaints about online auctions comprise nearly half the messages received by the U.S. government's new Internet Fraud Complaint Center.

Ex-Nvidia employee charged with insider trading
(Source: The Industry Standard) The former engineer at the graphics chipmaker allegedly made almost $450,000.

Net fraud complaints are largely over auctions
(Source: IDG.net) Online auctions were the subject of 48.8 percent of the complaints received by the Internet Fraud Complaint Center.

Investors sue Baan brothers
(Source: IDG.net) A group of 750 German investors is joining a Dutch lawsuit against Jan and Paul Baan, the founders of failed business software supplier Baan Co.

Canada probes computer spying
(Source: InfoWorld.com) Canada's national counterintelligence agency said that friendly nations were making concerted efforts to steal sensitive technology and information.

Focus: Developer unleashes Palm Trojan horse program
(Source: Computerworld) The creator now regrets sharing his inadvertent virus with others, and has posted warnings about 'Liberty' on Palm user sites.

Messages reportedly can freeze Nokia phones
(Source: InfoWorld.com) Some Nokia mobile phones may freeze temporarily if certain text messages are sent to them, indicating that mobile devices may face virus threats akin to those that plague PCs.

Palm gets first Trojan horse
(Source: IDG.net) Once Liberty Crack executes, it could delete all of the applications on a Palm device.

Microsoft plugs Money hole
(Source: PCWorld.com) A patch is available to repair security 'vulnerability' in Money 2000 and 2001.

Norton AntiVirus freezes some PCs
(Source: PCWorld.com) Users of Norton AntiVirus 4.0 and later versions have reported a slew of problems with the product, including annoying computer freeze-ups.

ZoneAlarm firewall spreads to Nets
(Source: PCWorld.com) Zone Labs releases Pro version with network support, enhanced controls and antivirus tools.

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